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Custom Artist for Hire

Jonathan (Ricca Razor Sharp) creates and performs custom spoken word or rap songs for clients looking to add a unique and exciting flair to their event. Ranging from inspiring spoken word compositions at corporate galas to fun tribute raps at birthday, wedding or retirement parties, Jonathan’s pieces are a great way to break the ice, and make your event stand out. Jonathan speaks with the client, gathering information on the event or subject in question, as well as the ‘vibe’ of the event. He then creates a unique and topical piece, incorporating this subject matter.

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Legendary Solo Artist

Rapping since the 1990s, Ricca Razor Sharp’s catalogue of great tunes, freestyle prowess and resume of 100s of shows have earned him a reputation as a crowd pleaser.

Ricca’s dynamic live show mixes good time party songs, thought provoking spoken word pieces and topical off-the-head freestyles, all to the delight of the audience. Accompanied by a dynamic visual component, Ricca is a true professional, and a hit with a diverse array of music fans.

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Frontman for Blades of Steel

Along with fellow MC SoLeo, Ricca leads live hip hop band Blades of Steel. The two are backed by a four-piece band of instrumentalists and have impressed fans and critics with their slick debut album and exciting live show.

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54 Spots in the 403 Music Video

»Posted by on Dec 16, 2016 in From the Mind of Ricca Razor Sharp | 0 comments

Ricca Razor Sharp visits the site (or former site) of 54 places in Calgary where he has performed over the years, and one place he has not.

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Jays in 60 Seconds Episode 6: Oct 19, 2016

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In this episode, Ricca laments the end of the Jays season, and offers some tips for young fans who play the game.

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Jays in 60 Seconds Episode 5: Oct 16, 2016

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Following the Jays dropping Games 1 & 2 of the ALCS, Ricca collects his thoughts and decides that the series is not over!

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Jays in 60 Seconds Episode 4: October 11, 2016

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The good times roll as Ricca celebrates the ALDS victory, looks forward to the ALCS, and pays tribute to the fallen Red Sox.

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Jays in 60 Seconds Episode 3: Oct 5, 2016

»Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in From the Mind of Ricca Razor Sharp | 0 comments

In today’s episode of the Jays in 60 Seconds, Ricca gets his boogie on while celebrating the Jays victory in the wildcard game.

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Blue Jays in 60 Seconds Volume 2: Oct 3, 2016

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As many of you know, the parts of my brain that are not consumed by music are often consumed by baseball, specifically the Toronto Blue Jays. In anticipation of the Jays big Wildcard Playoff Game with the Baltimore Orioles, I have created episode 2 of ‘the Blue Jays in 60 Seconds’. This time, I admit to nervousness, and self medicate with alcohol!

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The Host with the Most

»Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in From the Mind of Ricca Razor Sharp | 0 comments

In recent years I have been fortunate and gratified to branch out from releasing albums and doing my traditional style of shows (which I still love doing) into numerous other entertainment opportunities. I have been given the chance to participate in so many great events, either as an event host, or as a custom songwriter/spoken word artist. Corporate parties, award ceremonies, weddings. It’s a role I’ve gotten comfortable with, even as I still find it electrifying. Another passion for my wife Alyssa and I is video production, so it only makes sense that I combined these two things to create a video profiling some of my hosting and custom rapping/songwriting appearances. Enjoy!

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